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"Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Byd"

The Truth Against The World

30 September 1981
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Welcome to my journal... Sup ya'll I am your host oomazoo, but my friends call me TJ. I am a 24 year old guy livin in Council Bluffs curently. Knowledge rules my life, I live to learn about many things, most of which would be concidered 'weird' or strange' by many. I love the mystical side of life, that's the bulk of my studies. I also aquire knowledge through music, as weird as that might sound. Peoples lifes go into the music we listen to... everyone from Korn to DMX to U2 put their life stories out their for us to listen to. It's way more that just beats and guitars... why not accually listen to it and learn from it instead of just hearing it?

I do consider myself Pagan, I'll let everyone know that upfront. If ya have a problem with that then I'm sorry... but I do stand by my beliefs. I won't push my beliefs on you, ya don't need to worry about that. I follow 1 major rule in my life, "Always believe in something, even if it is nothing at all". So I devoted myself to the Pagan belief, but that's not for everyone.

If ya need to talk to me or wanna get to know me I do leave my email and my IM on yahoo posted for anyone to use, feel free anytime ya wanna use it. (No sadly I don't have AIM. I don't get on MSN alot either, although it is the same if you wanna add me (oomazzo). Just let me know so I can get on MSN and add you back)